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Wall Mounted Netball Ring & Net

Wall mounted netball ring manufactured from galvanised steel. Hoop measures 38cm in diameter. Supplied with an attachment plate and 4 fixing bolts. High-quality knotted 2mm thick twine net with lacing twine.

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Wall Mounted Netball Hoop Specifications:

  • Hoop Dimensions: Competition spec. diameter of 38cm (15in)
  • Hoop Material: 16mm diameter galvanised steel
  • Hoop is designed to be attached to a strong concrete wall with the provided fixing bolts (please check the chosen location is suitable before installation)
  • Pack contains netball hoop with plate attachment and 4 fixing bolts

Optional Netball Net Specification:

  • Made from 2mm nylon twine in knotted style and attached to the hoop with twine
Galvanised Steel Space Saving Wall Mounted Netball Hoop  

Set up a constant indoor or outdoor hoop with this competition sized 38cm (15 inch) netball ring and optional twine net. Provided with 4 metal fixing bolts and 1 attachment plate, this blue netball hoop is suitable for all strong concrete walls.

  • Wall mounted netball hoop has a diameter of 38cm (15 inches).
  • Manufactured from 16mm diameter galvanised steel.
  • Pack includes 4 fixing bolts and 1 attachment plate.
  • Optional 2mm knotted nylon twine net and lacing twine.
  • Only attach this hoop to strong concrete walls.

This competition netball hoop is manufactured from 16mm thick galvanised steel which increases the hoops durability and allows the hoop to be left outside without deterioration. You can also add a heavy-duty replacement net to your wall mounted ring to complete your package. This net is manufactured from 2mm knotted nylon twine and can be quickly attached to your netball hoop by the provided lacing twine.

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