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The FORB golf range at Net World Sports includes a wide range of golf products. From different sized golf mats to golf nets for both gardens and driving ranges, not forgetting the essentials like golf balls, golf tees and on course golf accessories.

We stock the entire range of FORB golf mats, these are available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for practicing all areas of your golf game! Mini practice mats are more suited to backyard golf training as they are lightweight and portable, so you can practice everything from delicate chips into a chipping net on the driveway to your swing with different clubs and hitting powerful driving shots into a golf net.

Whilst large golf mats are designed for larger golf set ups and serious golfers training at home or down at the driving range. There’s the roll away Academy Golf Practice Mat which is ideal for golfers on the go or the Pro Driving Range Golf Practice Mat which comprises of a stance hitting mat, launch pad mat and rubber golf ball tray.

FORB hitting mats are an important part of any golfers practice kit as they prevent divots in your freshly mown lawn so you can concentrate on perfecting your shots. Which is why we have so many available to suit a wide range of budgets plus the FORB practice golf mats also include rubber driving range tees so you can start playing as soon as possible – which is more than possible thanks to our fast delivery!

The FORB golf range also extends to golf putting mats, which are ideal for home, office or driving range use! Available in many difference sizes and to suit every golfers budget, putting mats are the perfect way to work on your short strokes and final shots on the green. These golf training aids are an essential piece of golf equipment for all handicaps and they also make the perfect golf gift.

Putting mats allow for serious solo practice yet also provide a fun way to challenge friends. The FORB Putt Returner is our smallest putting aid yet some may argue the most fun! As a battery powered golf machine it’s completely portable for practise at any indoor location and the auto return mechanism sends the ball back to you if you manage to get the putt on target.

But our golf putting mat range doesn’t end there! The FORB Home Golf Putting Mat and FORB Dual Speed Putting Mat both provide a smooth putting surface to help replicate the feel of the green and are great for outdoor or indoor golf practice, they even fold away for easy storage. But if you’re a serious golfer or looking to kit out a driving range look no further than the FORB Professional Putting Mat which creates the ultimate putting set up!

If you’ve got yourself a golf mat, then you’ll also need a golf net to create the ultimate golf practice set up. The FORB golf net range includes garden golf nets, driving range golf nets and ground fixed golf cages for golf clubs. Pop-up golf chipping nets are great for practising at home in the backyard alongside a FORB Launch Pad Golf Mat or for long distance target practice down at the driving range. Whilst golf cages and golf hitting nets absorb the impact of powerful shots allowing you to practice your swing and stance with different golf clubs.

The most recent addition to the FORB golf range are the FORB golf balls which rival some of the market leading golf ball brands and are available at a fraction of the cost! The FORB F-3 Ultra Precision Golf Balls are designed for durability and distance, thanks to the three-piece construction. The explosive inner core with PHSC technology creates the maximum driving distance, the MOI boosting layer of the outer mantle helps with ball roll which comes in handy when putting and the SCU technology casing makes this golf ball easier to control. They create a greater driving experience, offer more distance off the tee and have a similar feel to the Callaway Super Soft.   

Whilst the FORB F-5 Tour Quality Golf Balls are perfect for serious golfers and mid to high handicappers who are looking for optimum performance! Constructed from four layers with a Urethane cover, these golf balls have an identical drive distance to the Bridgestone Tour B330 and Titleist ProV1. You’re sure to love the feel, control and distance that this four-piece tour golf ball guarantees you from tee to green.

We also stock a variety of golf accessories which are essential for golfers of all handicaps to carry in their golf bag when they’re out on the golf course. The FORB Divot Tool repairs nasty divots, FORB Golf Ball Markers replace your ball to mark your spot when putting against opponents on the green and our durable FORB Golf Tees are available in different sizes to suit different golf clubs. The FORB Rubber Golf Ball Tray is the handiest accessory of all, use it alone or attach to a golf mat and store golf balls during practice.

Our golf surround netting and ball stop nets are also perfect for creating golf perimeter nets at golf clubs and driving ranges. Net World Sports are the experts in helping you create golf fences to prevent stray golf balls and damage to the surrounding environment, we offer replacement golf surround netting to fit existing fence posts or assist with choosing a new golf fence.

FORB golfing equipment is ideal for every range of budding golfer, whether you are trying to lower your handicap or trying to break into the professional play. Our equipment is used worldwide and our netting is second to none, we guarantee it. It’s even been used on some of the biggest stages such as Royal Troon, the hosts of the 2016 British Open Championship, and Wentworth, home of the BMW PGA Championships.

Depending on your location there are a variety of delivery options to ensure your order arrives as soon as possible. All our FORB golf equipment is stock at our warehouse and can be dispatch on the same day!

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