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Cricket Germination Sheets

Durable and long-lasting germination sheets for cricket wickets to protect your pitches and encourage growth. Choose from 3 different sizes. Protection for your wicket area.

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Your Cricket Pitch Will Hit All Others For Six Thanks To These Sheets!


• 25m x 4m (82ft x 13ft) (ideal to cover a cricket wicket)

• 18m x 2m (59ft x 6ft)

• 12m x 2m (39ft x 6ft)


• Manufactured from durable and long-lasting material

• 18m x 2m (59ft x 6ft); 12m x 2m (39ft x 6ft) comes with reinforced hems and eyelets.

• Larger 25m x 4m (82ft x 13ft) sheet has a plain edge. This sheet option does not come with reinforced hems and eyelets.

Perfect Protection And Great Grass Growth For Your Cricket Wickets

These specialist germination sheets will protect your cricket wickets from the harsher elements while also allowing enough warmth, oxygen and moisture for your seeds to grow.

Your wicket area will look as pristine as ever due to the weather protection afforded to it by the sheets. Our cricket germination sheets are an economical, efficient, and effective way to promote consistent grass growth

The germination sheets are made from hard-wearing materials in order to provide weather protection to your cricket pitch for a long time to come.

PLEASE NOTE -The larger 25m x 4m (82ft x 13ft) option does not come with reinforced edges or eyelets. The 25m x 4m sheet has a plain edge. The smaller sizes come with reinforced hems and eyelets.

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