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A4 Sports Pitch & Court Number Plates [1-12]

Give your tennis courts & sports pitches the professional touch with these A4 PVC Number Plates. Weatherproof, available in numbers 1-12. Cable ties NOT included.

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Number Your Tennis Courts & Sports Pitches With These Plates

A4 Number Plates For Tennis Courts & Sports Pitches Specifications

Plate Size:

  • A4 (21cm x 29.7cm / 8.2in x 11.6in)


  • Manufactured from extremely durable PVC
  • Plates are UV stabilised to protect numbers against fading
  • 100 % weatherproof


  • Available numbers: 1-12
  • 4 x holes for fence mounting
Weatherproof Number Plates For Tennis Courts & Sports Pitches

These high-quality A4 number plates are the perfect solution for clubs and academies who boast multiple tennis courts and sports pitches. With these numbers attached to your fences, you’ll create a sporting venue fit for the global stage as you’ll be able to numerically differentiate between your various sporting arenas. Made from supremely strong material, once they’re up, they’re durability ensures that whatever the weather, they’ll guarantee a clear number display, every time.

  • Heavy-duty PVC design with the ability to withstand ball impacts
  • Weatherproof allowing them to be left outside all year round
  • UV stabilised to ensure numbers do not fade over time
  • Plates come with 4 holes (1 in each corner) for easy attachment
  • Available numbers: 1-12

Manufactured from extremely durable PVC material, these number plates are weatherproof, allowing them to be left outside all year round. For an added layer of protection, these plates have also been UV stabilised, which ensures that the numbers will remain bold over time, without risk of fading from sun damage.

Each plate features four holes (one in each corner), for easy to attachment to any fence. To ensure your number plates remain secure for long periods of time, we recommend you attach them to your fence using cable ties (NOT INCLUDED).

PLEASE NOTE: Our Tennis Court and Sports Pitches Number Plates can also be custom printed to your requirements. Please contact one of our expert Sales Team for more information.