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Football Net Clips

Variety of net clip pack sizes available, from 14 clips to 80 clips. Ideal for securing any type and grade of football net. Option to add handy mesh carry bag.

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  • Pack Sizes - 80 clips | 40 clips | 35 clips | 30 clips | 25 clips | 20 clips | 14 clips
  • Material - Hard-wearing Plastic
  • Est. 40 Pack of Clips suitable for 1 Full-Size Football Goal (24ft x 8ft)
  • Mesh Net Clip Carry Bag optional
Quick Goal Net Clips Looking for a fast and semi-permanent way to secure your football net? These quick clips are strong enough to last through years of use and simple enough to remove with no notice. Designed to be used with any type or grade of goal net.
  • Different quantities of clips are available: 80 clips | 40 clips | 35 clips | 30 clips | 25 clips | 20 clips | 14 clips
  • Net hook colour may vary.
  • These football goal net clips are suitable for all goals. 40 net clips is enough for one full size football goal and two when used sparingly.
  • Carry bag: Option to add a handy mesh net clip pouch that holds, clips, pegs, ties and other accessories.
Our strong and easy-to-use net clips are also suitable for ball stop nets or any other type of netting that may need securing. The handy carry bag is ideal for storage and transport.