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Evasion Training Agility Belt

Create your own unique drills to have an edge against the opposition, with the sport agility belt that enhances speed, agility, reaction time and movement technique. The complete set comes with a robust tear-away cord and two adjustable belts.

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  • 2x belts
  • 1x attachment cord


  • Hard-wearing cord material
  • Plastic buckle


  • Designed or all ages
  • Used for agility, movement and speed
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • Colour: Black

The sport evasion training belt allows ideal practice for speed, agility and marking, which focuses on lateral agile movement to swiftly move past your opponent. Allowing both competitors to practice key fundamentals, the training belt adds a level of competitiveness and enjoyment for all aged players. Manufactured from durable material for longevity, the reliable agility training cord is made to last for many years to come. The strong Velcro fastening system makes excellent use of separating connecting players, which can be pulled apart to create the gap needed to detect the effectiveness of the players movement. Designed with an adjustable belt for comfort, the multi-sport evasion belt provides a quick and convenient set-up with the secure clip buckle.

  • Can be used for all ages to enhance movement fundamentals and mirroring
  • Manufactured with a securely fastened buckle and waist belt for comfort
  • Convenient Velcro to easily connect both belts together
  • Increase’s competitiveness and adds enjoyment whilst practicing
  • The heavy-duty cord attachment is designed for longevity

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