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With so many different sizes and options available, it might seem a bit daunting choosing the best football goal for you. That’s why we’ve delved into the football catalogues to bring you the definitive guide when it comes to buying football goals. Including details such as sizes and material, you’ll find the perfect football goal to suit your needs right here, whether it’s for professional pitches or the back garden.


The following section focuses on football goal dimensions, so you’ll be able to find the best football goal post size to meet your requirements. All of these are in line with the FA’s recommendations to ensure development and competitiveness is maintained across all ages.


11-a-side goals are usually referred to as full size football goals and are commonly used for senior 11-a-side games standing at 24ft wide x 8ft high. These goalposts are the most popular size of goal used and can be seen at any professional football event or even at the park. The FA recommends that players aged 15 and over use 24ft x 8ft goals, whilst those aged 13 and 14 playing in youth and junior 11-a-side games use 21ft wide x 7ft high goals.

11 a side football goal sizes11 a side football goal sizes


9-a-side football goals are used for players in Under 11 and Under 12 teams. The FA recommend using 16ft wide x 7ft high goals for 9-a-side football games and they can usually be found at artificial, 3G pitches across the country for both junior and youth football games.

9 a side football goal sizes9 a side football goal sizes


7-a-side goals are popular in mini-soccer and are used by various age levels. The most popular mini soccer goal is 12ft wide x 6ft high and is used by Under 9’s and Under 10’s for training and competitive matches in line with the FA guidelines. 12ft x 6ft goals can also be used at artificial pitches when seniors are playing 7-a-side matches.

7 a side football goal sizes7 a side football goal sizes


The FA recommends that for 5-a-side games 12ft wide x 6ft high goals should be used for Under 7 and Under 8 football games and mini soccer. For 5-a-side futsal matches, the official futsal goal size is 3m wide x 2m high and that applies to all age groups playing the game. ‘Traditional’ 5-a-side goals that are typically used on 3G and AstroTurf pitches as well as indoor pitches around the country are usually either 12ft wide x 4ft high or 16ft wide x 4 ft high.

5 a side football goal sizes5 a side football goal sizes





UNDER 7/8 5-A-SIDE 12FT X 6FT (3.7M X 1.8M)
UNDER 9/10 7-A-SIDE 12FT X 6FT (3.7M X 1.8M)
UNDER 11/12 9-A-SIDE 16FT X 7FT (4.9M X 2.1M)
UNDER 13/14 11-A-SIDE 21FT X 7FT (6.4M X 2.1M)
UNDER 15/16 11-A-SIDE 24FT X 8FT (7.3M X 2.4M)
16+ & SENIOR 11-A-SIDE 24FT X 8FT (7.3M X 2.4M)


Football goals are usually made using one of three different materials; PVC, Steel or Aluminium. Each material has its own benefits and we’ve given you a rundown of these below so you can decide which one is right for you.


PVC goals are extremely popular, particularly when it comes to using them at home. Whilst some youth coaches may use them when they’re training away from their ground, they are predominantly used as garden football goals for kids. PVC goals are extremely lightweight and can be assembled and taken down in minutes. The goals are freestanding and can be secured to the ground using U-pegs provided. The use of a carry bag makes it easy to transport and store PVC football goals. However, with this popularity and easy accessibility, comes an ever-growing selection on the market; from supermarket and toy store goals which come at a ‘bargain’ price, to specialist goals by Samba and FORZA.

When it comes to FORZA PVC Football Goals, the 68mm extra thick, high impact UPVC is completely shatterproof, withstanding the toughest of shots. FORZA’s PVC goals are also 100% weatherproof, meaning they can be left outside all year round. A cutting-edge essential locking system can be found in all of our PVC football goals, keeping each component of the goal locked firmly in place throughout use and enhancing the goals’ overall stability, not to mention durability – a key feature supermarket and Samba counterparts fail to provide.

FORZA PVC garden football goalsFORZA PVC garden football goals
FORZA football goal locking systemFORZA football goal locking system


Steel football goals are the ultimate garden football goal. Robust, heavy duty and suitable for all surfaces, our steel goals are available in 4 different sizes; 8ft x 6ft, 12ft x 6ft, 3m x 2m and 16ft x 7ft. The goals are weatherproof and will not rust or corrode, meaning the posts and frame can be left out all year long.

The heavy duty 42mm pre-galvanised steel frame can handle the most powerful shots and the extra thick 3mm twisted OD HDPE goal nets that come with FORZA Steel42’s are made to match the goal; strong, long lasting and UV treated.

Steel goals are as quick as the PVC goals to build and are incredibly rigid and secure so there’s no risk of damage or injury. No tools are needed to set up FORZA’s Steel42 football goals, as the tubular frame simply slots and locks into place using thumb buttons, meaning you can have the goal setup in the garden within 10 – 20 minutes of it arriving.

FORZA 12x6 steel football goalFORZA 12x6 steel football goal
Steel football goal locking systemSteel football goal locking system


Aluminium goals are the elite choice for groundsmen and coaches worldwide. Viewed as the king of metal football goals, aluminium goals are the models you see at stadiums, training grounds or on 3G pitches. Available in both freestanding / self-weighted and socketed types, aluminium goals are lighter than steel goals, whilst still having fantastic strength capabilities.

Aluminium goals are commonly used by professional clubs and it’s easy to understand why. As a material, aluminium is low in weight, high in strength and extremely malleable, offering much more scope for FORZA to plan and test designs to ensure they’re truly innovative. Real ingenuity, incredible skill and advanced manufacturing have all played their part in creating FORZA’s Alu60’s and Alu110’s, goals that are designed for the highest level of play

We supply 110mm diameter posts for 7-a-side, 9-a-side and 11-a-side games in freestanding and socketed variations which are FA, MLS, A-League, UEFA and FIFA match regulated. The FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Football Goals are available in a range of sizes, from 3m x 2m all the way up to 24ft x 8ft. For football clubs looking for a more permanent fixture socketed goals are also an option, taking the hassle out of match day preparation.

We also offer 60mm diameter posts for mini soccer up to senior football. The goals can be folded away to ease transportation and used on grass, concrete, 3G, 4G, artificial and wooden football pitches.

FORZA Alu60 21x7 football goalFORZA Alu60 21x7 football goal
FORZA Alu110 24x8 box football goalFORZA Alu110 24x8 box football goal


Now you understand which size football goal and material is best for your club, school or garden, you’ll now need to know which football goal type is best to keep it in place on the pitch during play.


Freestanding goals are incredibly popular and can stand upright on the ground without any support. Freestanding goals have stanchions which connect to the runback and backbar, creating the goal frame. These goals are found on any surface including; grass, concrete and artificial surfaces.

Our FORZA PVC and Steel42 Football Goals can be built in minutes and are easily secured with U-pegs to keep them place, whilst FORZA Alu60 goals are self-weighted and can stand upright without additional support.

Net World Sports has also developed a freestanding system with our FORZA Alu110 Football Goals which can come with optional FORZA Alu110 360˚ Wheels to facilitate hassle-free movement in all directions, offering unmatched goal manoeuvrability.

FORZA 24x8 football goalFORZA 24x8 football goal
FORZA 360 football goal wheelsFORZA 360 football goal wheels


Socketed goals are football goals that slot into sockets or sleeves that have been concreted into place below ground level. Once slotted in socketed footballs goals will be held in an upright position and can be easily removed when not in use. Socketed goals are found on grass pitches in areas such as football stadiums, parks or schools, especially when the goals are left in place for a prolonged period.

FORZA aluminium socketed football goalFORZA aluminium socketed football goal
FORZA football goal stanchionFORZA football goal stanchion

Now that you know all there is to know about football goals, you should hopefully have a better idea of what football goal is best suited to you and your requirements!


  1. 6ft x 4ft FORZA Football Goal Post
    6 x 4 (1.8m x 1.2m) FORZA Football Goal Post
    Special Price ₹ 6,749.99 Regular Price ₹ 9,449.99
  2. Junior Football Goals | Net World Sports | Football Goals
    2.4m x 1.2m FORZA Match Football Goal Post
    Special Price ₹ 9,854.99 Regular Price ₹ 12,149.99
  3. 3.7m x 1.8m FORZA Steel42 Football Goal | Net World Sports
    3.7m x 1.8m FORZA Steel42 Football Goal
    Special Price ₹ 24,299.99 Regular Price ₹ 29,699.99
  4. 21 x 7 FORZA Alu60 Football Goals | Football Goals
    6.4m x 2.1m FORZA Alu60 Football Goal
    As low as ₹ 88,019.99 Regular Price ₹ 1,32,164.99
  5. Full Size Football Goals
    7.3m x 2.4m FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Football Goal
    As low as ₹ 2,02,499.99 Regular Price ₹ 2,42,999.99

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